Open Heart Ancestral Clearing sessions

by phone, Skype or Zoom video/call

Clear the past and create space for a life of ease and possibilities with an Open Heart Ancestral Clearing Session by Phone, Zoom video call or Skype.

- Open Heart Session - clear subconscious / blocks, clear trauma, fears and clear the past to create a future of possibilities. Re-align and get compatible with what you have been asking for and manifest with ease.
Get relief and clear in a short time.
To get ready for your session choose the area of your life that is more challenging at the moment (family, relationships, money, career, etc).

Open Heart Energetic Clearing will clear blocks all the way thru to your ancestral linage allowing you to actualize a life worth living in, and it is an energy healing process that leads to deep personal transformation by going straight to the heart of the matter and subconscious mind. 

Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams with love, joy,

ease, prosperity, abundance, and no judgment?

 Experience a mini session, click video below...

60 min Open Heart Ancestral Clearing session

$ 175.00 USD

Reg. $175.00

Sessions by phone, skype or in person by appointment.

*Packages Available for your convenience*

3 one hour sessions - 395.00 save $130.00 

5 one hour sessions - 650.00 save $225.00

10 one hour sessions - 1350.00 save $400.00

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Sessions by appointment



Instructions: 1st Click and choose your session, then pay through paypal.

2nd Call, email, or text to set up an appointment.