*Sessions available in English and Spanish by appointment


 35 to 50min session with one healer by phone, Skype or Zoom - $150.00 

35 to 50 min session in person with 2 healers ( include vibrational healing therapy) - $300.00 

Quantum and Vibrational Energetic Healing is part of but not all that is included in this session. Deep Soul Healing with the Goddess is a fast way to remove subconscious and conscious feelings & patterns. This amazing technique developed by Jannette Ampier and Cristina Maria Herrera goes in between the known and unknown energetic spaces where you hold onto energies, patterns, traumas and clears them as if by magic. Replace subconscious genetic memories that are no longer serving you with positive and creative ones.

50 min Open Heart / Deep soul healing with the Goddess

$ 150.00 USD

Reg. $150.00

Sessions by phone, skype by appointment.

Reg. $175.00

*Packages Available for your convenience*

Deep Soul Healing with the Goddess 3 sessions package

$ 395.00 USD

Package of 3 sessions Save $130.00 by appointment Phone, Skype & Zoom call

Deep Soul Healing with the Goddess 5 sessions Package

$ 655.00 USD

5 sessions by appointment Save $220.00 Phone, Skype & Zoom

Deep Soul Healing with the Goddess 10 sessions package

$ 1350.00 USD

10 sessions package Save $400.00 By appointment 630-618-6621



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